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A life must be lost. Who will make the ultimate sacrifice? 

Lawson lives a simple life; a job at a brewery, basketball and hockey leagues, and an eccentric lifelong friend and roommate intent on discovering time travel. 

Then life becomes complicated when Jory enters the picture. Lawson feels an immediate attraction to her from the first day she starts work at the brewery. Yet their first couple attempts at dating end with him thinking it just isn’t meant to be. Jory however, has a different opinion and continues to pursue him. 

When one date ends tragically Lawson turns to his best friend to use the experimental time travel program he’s invented. Except when Lawson relives that fateful night it ends just as horrifically. Each time he resets time, it ends with a loss.

 It’s clear a life must be lost and Lawson is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. But he isn’t the only one playing with time. Will he save Jory by giving his own life or will someone beat him to it?

LA Dragoni, Author


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Touched by Afterlife Book 2

coming August 1st, 2017

Life has returned to normal for Tamara and Dex after helping a horde of ghosts cross over. Their brush with the afterlife affirmed one thing: happily ever after is real. 

When odd pranks around the farm escalate to destruction, Tamara fears mischievous teenagers are vandalizing the neighborhood. Then Dex starts to act out of character. His playful disposition turns mean until one day he even ridicules a co-worker publicly. It seems Dex’s time in the void left a lasting impact. Tamara watches helplessly as he loses the ability to control his own actions. When Dex’s unusual anger turns violent—toward Tamara—happily ever after shatters. Desperate to help Dex and herself, she sends out a silent prayer for help.

 She never expected Cal to come to her aid.

LA Dragoni isn't too particular about who falls in love or where they fall in love, she just considers it her job to capture the story about their love. So, whether it's paranormal, mythical, or time travel, LA will be there divining their story for you.

LA lives in Central Oregon with her husband and children. She's been writing for kids and teens for almost a dozen years and decided it was about time she try her hand at entertaining her contemporaries.

Divining love stories across time and dimensions

For fifteen minutes each night a portal opens in Tamara's barn and a horde of ghosts spills into her yard. She and Dex work together to find a way to help Cal and the thousands of spirits stuck in the void to crossover. When she learns she has the ghost touch—the ability to touch the ghosts as if they were corporeal—and she accidentally helps a little boy cross, she believes it might be possible. But not all the spirits play nice and when they learn they can sip energy from her ghost touch, they become greedy putting her life at risk.

 Each time Cal has to pull her from the mass of ghosts, her touch restores him more and more until he is at danger of being stuck on earth—forever, which is very enticing to Tamara the better she knows him. Will she and Dex figure out how to help the spirits cross and if they do, will she be able to let Cal go?